The estimator is responsible for developing an estimate of how much a project will cost, how long the project will take to complete, and how much revenue the project should generate, address and define the risks. The estimator will take into account such factors as labor costs, material costs, equipment rentals, special software and hardware, project location, permitting, and licensing. The estimator will collaborate frequently with the Project Manager to ensure the project meets all financial and regulatory guidelines. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with a heavy work load on a daily basis.


• Review and analyze the Scope of Work provided by the customer as the basis for developing an estimate.
• Meet with the customer and the sales personnel, as needed, to ensure that he/she has a clear understanding of the work to be performed.
• Attend any required pre-bid meetings and job walks.
• Collaborate with Operations, and Business Development, as appropriate, in developing the estimate along with job cost Reporting.
• Develop a budget associated with the project and a timeline for completion of the project.
• Help develop a data repository to house projects and be willing to use new estimating software cost data based on past projects, and for use in estimating the cost of future projects.
• Collaborate frequently with the Project Manager to assess project progress, giving special attention to scope creep, potential cost overruns, and that the work being performed complies with that which is defined in scope of work.
• Accompany the sales team on customer visits to assist in providing pertinent information that will aid in “closing the deal.”
• Work with Management and Operations to review the final estimate before it is submitted to the customer.
• Perform a post-mortem on all bids to determine why our bid was not successful or to determine how a successful bid can be improved upon (Lessons Learned close out).
• Work with the Business Development team in forecasting a dollar value for forecasted projects.
• Act as Estimating contact with customers and prospects, Client’s Vice President/General Managers for the region, and the internal management team.
• Maintain an extensive knowledge of current market conditions.
• Build and maintain internal and customer relationships.
• Take on special assignments as requested to corner new markets to diversify the company.

Required Skills/Job Qualifications:

  • Relevant experience in Underground Construction estimating.
  • Enthusiatic Individual looking to GROW in the estimating field.
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, Project
  • Market research experience
  • Valid Texas Driver’s License
  • Experience with Bid2Win is a plus.
  • Flexible with hours
  • Self-Starter


Preferred Qualifications


  • Thought-Provoking:                           Capable of making others think deeply on a subject.
  • Team Player:                                       Works well as a member of a group.
  • Enthusiastic:                                        Shows intense and eager enjoyment and interest.
  • Detail Oriented:                                  Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well.
  • Dedicated:                                           Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity.


  • Work-Life Balance:                             Inspired to perform well by having ample time to pursue work and interests outside of work.
  • Self-Starter:                                         Inspired to perform without outside help.
  • Peer Recognition:                               Inspired to perform well by the praise of coworkers.
  • Goal Completion:                               Inspired to perform well by the completion of tasks.


Our company is an equal employment opportunity employer. The company’s policy is not to discriminate against any applicant or employee based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state, or local laws. The company also prohibits harassment of applicants or employees based on any of these protected categories. It is also the Company’s policy to comply with all applicable state and federal laws respecting consideration of unemployment status in making hiring decisions.

When you apply for this job, you will be asked to answer questions regarding your criminal background. Answering “Yes” to the criminal background questions will not automatically bar you from employment. A criminal background check will be conducted following any conditional offer of employment. Only those crimes which are substantially related to the position you are seeking will be considered. Please note that for certain contractors with whom we do business, based on the nature of their operation, the type of offense and related factors may affect your assignment to that contractor. Factors that will be taken into account include: (1) The facts or circumstances surrounding the offense or conduct; (2) the number of offenses for which you were convicted or plea was entered; (3) your age at the time of conviction or plea, or release from prison; (4) any evidence that you performed the same or similar type of work, post-conviction/ plea, with the same or different employers, with no known incidents of criminal conduct; (5) the length and consistency of employment history before and after the offense or conduct; (6) any rehabilitation efforts, e.g. education/ training; (7) any employment or character references and any other information regarding your fitness for the particular position; and/ or (8) whether you are bonded under a federal, state, or local bonding program.