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What is invoice factoring?

When a company needs to optimize money flow, it can sell its outstanding invoices at a small discount to a factoring company. The factoring company then collects the debt.

What are the benefits of factoring?

Large companies increasingly stretch invoice payment from 30 days to 90 days or longer. This puts small operations in a bind because their employee salaries, vendor payments, and taxes are due whether the customer pays or not.

The solution for many companies is factoring. Sell your accounts receivable at a discount and get paid immediately. You get the money you need to meet current operating costs without incurring debt.

Better money flow is great.

Are there other benefits when we factor our accounts receivable?

Factoring takes the billing and collecting off your shoulders. Many of our clients find it relieves stress. It can also improve relationships with customers by taking payment matters out of your interactions. Factoring can allow you to pay vendors more quickly and take advantage of their discount offers, saving you money.

Our Factoring Program allows you to submit your Invoice for completed work and receive funding within 24 hrs., upon Approval.

Our Companies take on the contract terms for the “AP waiting game” with Account Receivable payment terms. Allowing you to move on to your next scheduled projects. This takes the burden off the Contractor while opening your true cash flow powers.

Why should you get funded by our companies?

  • We specialize in personal, business, and commercial!
  • We will help you build your business credit!
  • We have a rate guarantee!
  • We have a non-notification program for qualified borrowers!
  • We provide up to 95% advance rates!
  • Our innovative funding model provides exposure to serious investors!
  • Up to $2.5M in Funding Available for Your Business!
  • Net Terms per Contract: Net 45
  • Scope Completed May 1st, Invoice submitted: May 5th (after Invoice sign-off)
  • Schedule Term Payment due date to Contractor: June 19th (The longer you wait for payment, the lower the profit margin you made)
  • Net Terms per Contract: Net 45
  • Scope Completed May 1st, Invoice submitted: May 5th (after Invoice sign-off)
  • Contractor Submits Invoice with our Factoring Program: May 6th
  • Contractor Receives Payment less agreed Fees: @ May 7 or 8th (depending on the Bank Daily Cut off time set at 11 am central time)
  • Our Schedule Term Payment due date: June 19th
  • Rates starting at 3.0%, with the ability to lock in your rate for 12 months

We offer affordable, quick, and flexible in the form of a line of credit secured by your receivables.

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